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Chapter 1: 1788-1837


"An apparently perennial stream of the purest water"







Trial by jury.















  1. Colonial Secretary: Copies of Minutes and Memoranda Received, 1838

  2. Major Mitchell's attack on the Black Natives.

  3. On the subject of the treatment of the Aboriginal inhabitants of this Country. 

  4. Notice re inquests on aborigines.

  5. An apprehension .. of the mischief that might ensue, if any offence were given to the Officers and Men of the Mounted Police. 

  6. The Mounted Police are appointed.

  7. Outrages towards the Blacks.

  8. Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Council; the Native Inhabitants of Countries where British Settlements are made.

  9.  “The spirit of acquisition, and consequent civilization.”

  10. Report from the Committee on the Aborigines Question.

  11. “The present state of the Aborigines”

  12. Mr G.A.Robinson, Chief Protector, and The Aborigines Question

  13. Robert Scott, Esquire, of Glendon, and The Aborigines Question

  14. Scott, Robert (1799?-1844) 

  15. The Reverend Lancelot Edward Threlkeld, and The Aborigines Question

  16.  Lieutenant Richard Sadleir, and The Aborigines Question

  17.  Sadleir, Richard (1794-1889) 

  18. Magistrate Scott makes himself a party to the defence of the Myall Creek murderers

  19. "Humanity towards the Blacks"

  20.  Statement of Expenditure on Account of the Aborigines of New South Wales, For the Year 1838.

  21. No.9. Statement of the Expenses of the Colonial Government Establishments, at Port Phillip. For the Year 1838.

  22. Sir George Gipps – "a Whig, liberal and just" 

  23. "The venturesome settlers whose philosophy was that the only good Aboriginal was a dead one"

  24. "The nomadic food gathering tribes in the 'full enjoyment of their possessions'"

  25.  "The treatment of the indigenous populations of the ... British colonies"

  26.  Forcible removal of Aboriginal people

  27. "It was well known that the British Government was resolved to protect them"

  28. Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, surveyor-general 

  29. Legal opinion awaited re attack on aborigines by expedition under Mitchell

  30. Capitalism and the NSW Colony

  31.  "So long as the demand for Labour, created by the influx of Capitalists ...

  32.  "All land in the settled districts was put up to auction"

  33.  Act 2: As to supplying Liquors to Aboriginal Natives

  34. 1839

  35.  "A Border police under the Crown Lands Commissioners"

  36. Legislative Council Proceedings and Proceedings, 1838-1839: 

  37. Major Nunn and massacres of Aborigines

  38. "The outrages which have been committed on the Aborigines, as well as by them ..."

  39. Minutes of Evidence Taken Before the Committee on the Crown Lands Bill

  40.  J.W. Nunn, Inquiry proposed at Merton ...

  41. Report from the Crown Lands Bill Committee 

  42. Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Council   The unauthorised occupation of Crown Lands, and the Border Police.

  43. Crown Lands unauthorized Occupation.

  44. "... they were not in any case to fire on the blacks, unless it was necessary for their own defence ..."

  45. " the occupiers .. unrestrained in their lawless aggression ... upon the Aborigines"

  46. “Unfortunately killed” “

  47. " ... the unauthorised occupation of Crown Lands."

  48. Deposition by G.G. Cobban re collision between mounted police under J.W. Nunn and aborigines

  49. "Asserting Her Majesty's right to Alienate the Waste Lands of New South Wales".

  50. ORDINANCE Queen Victoria's Government and His Excellency the Governor proclaim the subject and possessory rights of Aborigines of New South Wales. 

  51. Deaths in custody, 150 years on .

  52. Standing Orders for the Border Police. 

  53. Aboriginal deaths, the legal opinion of John H. Plunkett, Attorney General.

  54. The Protection of the Aborigines.

  55. Magistrate Scott and the Myall Creek murderers.

  56. Atrocities against the blacks.

  57. The execution of the Myall Creek murderers.

  58. "This Government has been in no way neglectful of its duty to the Aborigines". 

  59. Major Nunn and a Tribe of Aboriginal Natives. 

  60. No blame for Major Nunn and the Military.

  61. "The rejection of the Evidence of these Natives".

  62. Minutes of executive council re collision between mounted police under J.W. Nunn and aborigines. 



  1. Royal Instructions; the natural indefeasible property rights of aborigines

  2. Aboriginal Native Witnesses' Bill.

  3.  Act 4: Aboriginals competent witnesses, disallowed,

  4. Commissioners of Crown Lands.

  5. "Gipps refused to let them be executed ..."

  6. Mr Redmond Barry, QC.

  7. "Unofficial standing counsel for the Aboriginals" 

  8. "A comprehensive annual report on the entire Aboriginal problem"

  9. "An unfortunate collision with the Aborigines"

  10. Captain Grey's Report on the Aborigines.

  11. "The whole Machinery required to bring this plan into operation now exists in the different Australian Colonies ..."

  12. "Report upon the best means of promoting the civilization of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Australia"

  13. 4 Victoria, No 8. An Act to prohibit the Aboriginal Natives of New South Wales from having Fire Arms or Ammunition in their possession, without the permission of a Magistrate.

  14. 4 Victoria No. 2 [1840] "For enabling the principal Officers of Her Majesty's Ordinance to hold estates and property in the Colony of New South Wales for military purposes" 



  1. “The dreadful consequences”: 

  2. Aboriginal Evidence in Courts of Law.

  3. Justice Willis and the Aborigines.

  4. "They did not understand the nature of the pleadings ..."

  5. "The colonies and their capitalist backers"

  6. "Aboriginal people live in their own self-governing communities with their own laws and means of administering justice"


  1. The Acts of 1842, New South Wales Imperial Act.

  2. Crown Land Sales Act: and 14 years’ lease to squatters in unsettled districts.

  3. First general election.  

  4. "A property franchise"

  5. Sir James Stephens and Race-superiority doctrines. 

  6. A promising attempt to utilise the aborigines.

  7. The Banks, and the flocks.

  8.  The inadmissibility of Aboriginal Evidence.

  9. "A small property qualification ..."

  10.  1843

  11. “A notable land law” 



  1. "Mitchell was elected to the Legislative Council"

  2. The House of Commons Reports, Aborigines



  1. The Chief Protective officer and the rights of Aborigines.

  2. "Henry Dangar; Surveyor, pastoralist "

  3. "No sign of improvement in the condition of the aboriginals"

Massacres of Aborigines at Woodlark Island; 5/1/57

Claims by Northern Settlers for Provisions for Native Police; m. 4/2/57 (couldn’t locate)

Report on Native Police; tab. Pap. 6/2/57

Native Police Force; m. 7/2/57; tab. Pap. 7/2/57

Native Police Force, Report and Recommendations; m.7/2/57

Native Police Force; 11/2/57

Massacre at Woodlark Island: request to GG for correspondence: m. 11/2/57

Native Police, request from Governor- General for new estimate; mes. 18/2/57

Killing of Blacks by Native Troopers; tab. pap. 28/2/57; 

Blankets for Aboriginals; q. 27/3/57

Killing of Blacks by Native Troopers tab. pap. 21/10/57


Parliamentary Proceedings on Aborigines

Jan, 4, 6, 7, 11, 18, 19, 20 Feb 1857 Native Police  (FIND)    


Select Committee on the condition of the Aborigines  


Fresh Blood, Old Wounds: Tasmania and Guns

“The Kangaroo Plague.”

Aboriginal evidence


Royal Commission into the present condition of the Aborigines


Parliamentary Proceedings, "Aboriginal natives"


Act, Supply of alcohol to Aborigines forbidden  

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Provision for Aborigines

Select Committee; Aboriginal mission stations


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Treatment of Aborigines


 Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings; the Aborigines Protection Board


"Yet even after the appearance of white explorers and settlers, little was discovered or recorded of any local tribal history ..."


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, 1888

"A truly savage race can have nothing that we may narrate as history"


Parliamentary Proceedings, 1889


"Names of Aborigines recommended for clothing"


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, 1891


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, 1892


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, 1893  

"The lowest of mankind"


Parliamentary Proceedings,  

 A Mission Church


Supply, Aborigines Protection Board

Large landholders


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, “our duty to the blacks”

Aborigines Protection Board Ledger, 1891-97


Government political allegiance

Coloured Races Restriction and Regulation Act 1896 (60 Vic. No. 41)

Supply of alcohol.


Aborigines Mission.


The Real Property Act

"The final guillotining of any vestiges of Aboriginal rights to land..."       

Legislative Assembly Votes and Proceedings, Breelong murders

Subsection 26 of the Commonwealth Constitution and Aborigines


Aboriginal natives are excluded from old age pension

The Commonwealth Government's Acts of discrimination

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, 1901

Old Age Pensions Act.

An Act to consolidate the Acts for the prevention of Vagrancy 1901

Western Lands Act (1 Ed. Vll No. 70)


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings; Animals Indigenous to the State

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings; food for aboriginals  

Mr John Norton

Vagrancy Act 1902

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Treatment of Aborigines.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Food for Aborigines

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Animals Indigenous to the State.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Vagrancy Bill.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Marsupials in the State.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Vagrant Children.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Assent to Vagrancy Bill.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Medical Attendants on Aborigines.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Aborigines: Rylstone.

Fisheries Act, 1902 (2 Edw. Vll) (Includes Crown lands leases).


Government political allegiance

Parliamentary Vote and Proceedings, 1903

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Aborigines: La Perouse.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Aborigines Travelling on Trams.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings. Protection of Native Birds and Animals.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Aboriginal Station: Greenwell Point.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Protection of Native Fauna.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Alleged Misuse of Blankets.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Native Animals Protection Bill.  


Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, blankets for aborigines stamped with the broad arrow.

Act  supply of liquor to full-blooded or reserve Aboriginals forbidden.



Aboriginal population statistics, 1907.



Parliamentary Proceedings, 1908.

Aboriginal natives of Australia excluded ... from a pension.

Act 22 : definition of 'Aboriginal' Police Offences [Amendment] Act 1908.



Government political allegiance.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Aborigines Protection Bill 1909.

Aboriginal population statistics.

Aborigines Protection Act.



"Guardianship over Indigenous children without parental permission"

Aboriginal population statistics, 1911.



Government political allegiance.

Act supply of alcohol to Aboriginal natives forbidden.



Government political allegiance.

Act Aborigines' wages attached.        

Act Crown Lands Consolidation Act 1913.



Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings and Proceedings, Aboriginal Protection (Amend) Act.



Government political allegiance.

The power of the state over Aboriginal families.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings; Aboriginal Protection (Amend.) Act. 

Act 28: compulsory apprenticeship and guardianship of Aboriginals.



Aboriginal population statistics.



Aboriginal population statistics.



Government political allegiance.

Act protection of aborigines.



Royal Commission into NT Administration and Aborigines.



Government political allegiance.

Aboriginal population statistics.

Act 30: Statute Law Revision Act 1924. 



"The decay of the aboriginals"

 Aboriginal population statistics



"Moneys held in trust"

"Ledgers (Trust Account), c.1897-1922. 



 Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Aborigines’ Protection Board Inspector.

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Family Endowment: Aborigines.



 Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings Removal of Aboriginal Carvings, Mootwingi.   

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings Family Endowment, Half-Castes.       

Parliamentary Votes and Proceedings, Family Endowment, Aborigines Protection Board

Happy Valley, Frog Hollow and Hill 60.