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Chapter headings: 

Caught in the Act; New South Wales Government Acts of Bastardry 

Against Aboriginal People 1788-2005


including a case study on the Northern Rivers 

Work in progress. Updated 10/01/2006

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Chapters 1-14 





Chapter 1. 1771-1838

Documents pre-1788; Military Governors from Phillip to Snodgrass; Standing Orders, two Proclamations and an Act



Chapter 2. 1838-1846

Sir George Gipps in Three Acts, a Proclamation and an Imperial Ordinance



Chapter 3. 1846-1855

Fitzroy in five Acts.  



Chapter 4. 1856-1867

Colonial Prime Ministers Donaldson, Cowper, Parker, Forster, Robertson, Martin, and Parkes in five Acts  



Chapter 5. 1875 1899  

Robertson, Farnell, Parkes, Robertson, Stuart, Dibbs and Reid, in six Acts  




Chapter 6. 1899-1904

Lyne and See in three  Acts




Chapter 7. 1904-1925

Carruthers (Liberal-Reform), Wade (Liberal), McGowan (Labor) and Holman (as both Labor and Nationalist) In seven Acts




Chapter 8. 1932-1947

Stevens (United Australia Party) and McKell (Labor) in five Acts  




Chapter 9. 1952-1965

Cahill, Heffron and Renshaw (all Labor), in three Acts



Chapter 10. 1965-1975

Askin (Liberal) in ten Acts  



Chapter 11. 1976-1988

Wran and Unsworth (Labor) in twelve Acts



Chapter 12. 1988-1992

Greiner and Fahey (Liberal) in three Acts




Chapter 13. 1995-2005

Carr (Labor) in six Acts



Chapter 14, 2005 - to come

Iemma, (Labor) (certainly will include any Legislation and Government actions pertaining to The Block, Redfern)