Vagrancy Act (1851)

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GOVERNMENT: Sir Charles A Fitzroy: Governor, 3/8/1846—2/8/1855

Non Aboriginal people wandering with Aborigines to be gaoled with hard labour

Vagrancy Act 1851 

An Act for the more effectual prevention of Vagrancy and for the punishment of idle and disorderly Persons Rogues and vagabonds and incorrigible Rogues in the Colony of NSW [1st December, 1851] ".. and every person not being an aboriginal native or the child of any  aboriginal native who being found lodging or wandering in company with any of the Aboriginal natives of this Colony .." The Public General Statutes of New South Wales from 11 Victoriae to 15 Victoriae, inclusive (1847-1851.) 1861. No. IV. New South Wales; The Statute Index Sydney (1874), Alphabetical Index to the Subjects of the Public General Acts of the Legislatures of New South Wales, from Geo. IV to  Vic. inclusive. Aboriginals Competent Witnesses (Disallowed) 3 Vic. No. 16 (979) Aboriginals Firearms – Prohibited to (Disallowed) 4 Vic. No. 8 (1047) Aboriginals Wandering in company with, 15 Vic. No. 4 (2427), Aborigines Supply of liquor to prevention 31 Vic. No. 16 (3921) Abusive Language – (See "Vagrancy")