Supplying Liquors to Aboriginal Natives (1838)

Sir George Gipps 24/2/1838-11/7/1846

See Chapter 2

As to supplying Liquors to Aboriginal Natives
"Acts and Ordinances of the Governor and Council of New South Wales and Acts of Parliament enacted for, and applied to, the Colony. Aboriginal Natives. * 2 Victoria, No. 18, sec. 49. An Act for Consolidating and amending the Laws relating to the Licensing of Public-houses, and for further regulating the Sale and Consumption of Fermented and Spirituous Liquors in New South [26th Sept 1838.] (see Gazette 23 Dec 1849). XLIX. And whereas, the introduction of intoxicating liquors among the aboriginal natives of New South Wales and New Holland, is productive of serious evil to the said aboriginal natives and others: Be it enacted, that if any person whosoever, whether licensed or unlicensed, under this Act, shall sell, or supply, or give any spirituous liquor, or mixed liquor, part whereof is fermented, in any quantity which shall produce intoxication, to an aboriginal native of New South Wales or New Holland, he or she shall for every such offence forfeit and pay (over and above any penalty which may be incurred for the sale of such liquor without a license) a penalty of five pounds, to be recovered before any one or more Justices of the Peace.
George Gipps, Governor. * See post, Licensed Publican."