Elizabeth II, Act No. 7, 1963.

An Act to remove certain restrictions imposed by the Aborigines Protection Act, 1909-1943, upon aborigines; for this and other purposes to amend the said Act; and for purposes connect therewith. [Assented to, 29th March, 1963.]

BE it enacted t>y the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by No. 7,1963 and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of New South Wales in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows -

(1) This Act may be cited as the "Aborigines Protection (Amendment) Act, 1963".

(2) The Aborigines Protection Act, 1909, as amended by subsequent Acts and by this Act, may be cited Aborigines Protection Act, 1909-1963.

(1) The Aborigines Protection Act, as amended by subsequent Acts, is amended—

(a) by omitting from section three the definition of sec 3.


f: (b) by omitting section 8a ; (Removal from reserves, etc.)

(c) by omitting section 8b ; (enticing aborigines to remove from reserves)

(d) by omitting section 8c; (Removing aborigines from New South Wales) Note: the Queensland Border, and all State borders, cut through Aboriginal Tribal territories, example- Bundjalung Nation Tribal territory

(e) by omitting section nine; (Supply of Liquor to aborigines)

(f) by omitting section ten; (Wandering with aborigines.)

(g) by omitting from paragraph (b) of subsection four of section twelve the words "; and where it decides to exercise the power referred to in paragraph (c) of subsection one or paragraph (d) of sut two of that section, the court shall commit the child to a home constituted and established section eleven of this Act";  (Wards absconding, etc.)

(h) by omitting section 13b; (In case of unfair treatment, board to remove aborigine)

(i) by omitting section 13c. (Employer to pay wages to Superintendent in certain cases.)

(j) by omitting section fourteen;  (Power to remove aborigines camped in vicinity of townships.)

(k) by omitting section 14a; (Medical examination and treatment)

(1) by omitting from section eighteen the words "in name of the board".

(2) The Aborigines Protection (Amendment)

1918, is amended— .

(a) by omitting paragraph (iii) of section two; (Consequential)

(b) by omitting paragraph (vii) of the same section

(3) The Aborigines Protection (Amendment) Act 1936, is amended—

(a) by omitting subparagraph (ii) of paragraph (a) subsection one of section two;

(b) by omitting paragraph (c) of the same subsection

(c) by omitting paragraph (d) of the same subsection

by omitting so much of paragraph (i) of the same No. 7,1963 subsection as inserted new sections 13b and 13c;

by omitting paragraph (j) of the same subsection.

The Aborigines Protection (Amendment) Act, amended—

(by omitting paragraph (d) of section three;

(f) by omitting paragraph (f) of the same section.