Faithfull, William

(Witness, giving evidence about the state of the Aborigines, before the SC Committee on the 1839 Crown Lands Bill)

 " ... soldier and settler, arrived as a private in Captain Foveux's Corps ... in 1792 ... Faithfull became a farmer on his own account when he received a grant of 25 acres ... and a further 1000 acres ... He became a prominent settler 1828 he owned 2190 acres .. and (a further) grant of 100 acres near Goulburn ... a son ... established Wangaratta station on the Ovens River ... in 1838 after being turned back by a party of Aboriginals who slaughtered many of the party ..."

[Source: Faithfull, William, in Pike, Douglas et al. (Eds)  Australian Dictionary of Biography 1788-1850 (MUP 1967) Page 367]